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Migropro International Inc 英才法律 竭诚为您提供最专业, 最有温度的的法律咨询服务。我们主营加拿大的移民,留学法律咨询, 申请,以及相关的上诉案件。 我们拥有经验丰富的职业持牌移民顾问、律师及法律助理团队。 团队律师还提供商业、地产, 家庭,交通事故赔偿等各类法律咨询及服务。Migropro服务于全球各地的客户,并提供英语、普通话、粤语、法语及波斯语等多语言咨询。


Regulated Immigration Consultant

Demi is a senior Immigration Consultant and the founder of the firm. She practices in all areas of immigration law and she is a member in good standing with the ICCRC. Demi has helped thousands of individuals and families come to Canada to study, work and live during her 16 years of practice.



Bahar Karbakhsh-Ravari is a licensed solicitor, a member of the Upper Canada Law Society, and an ADR Institute of Ontario trained mediator. Bahar has been offering services to clients in the area of Immigration and Refugee law, She represents clients in immigration-related litigation. She has argued cases before all three divisions of the Immigration and Refugee Board as well as the Federal Court of Canada.


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